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Bike Maintenance & Repair

Your Bike Repair Experts

All Boulder Cycle Sport locations are full-service bicycle service shops. Our professionally-trained mechanics are here to help you and keep your bike rolling like new. 

Please visit or call us for a free quote on any maintenance and repair needs you may have. Minor repairs like fixing a flat or installing a small accessory can usually be done while you wait. Please make an appointment ahead of time for any other repairs, including Free 30-Day Tune-ups (if you purchased a bike from BCS). 

Check out our menu below to see what’s included at each tune-up level and pricing for à la carte services.

Labor rates do not include the cost of parts.

tune-up packages

Level 1 Tune-Up


Inspect + Quick Tune-up
 “I haven’t ridden my bike in a while. Can you make sure everything is good to go?” 

Full frame and wheelset wipedown

Precision adjustment of brakes, derailleurs, and bearing interfaces

Wheel true

Inspection of bolts and proper torque

Lubrication of chain and cables

All additional part installation and labor at full price

A Level 1 Tune-Up is what you get with your one free 30-day tune-up when you buy a bike from BCS.

*Price includes labor to install parts only. Additional charges for parts.

Level 2 Tune-Up


Complete Tune-up + Clean 
“I’ve put a ton of miles on my bike and it’s time to go over everything” or “something doesn’t feel quite right.”

Complete drivetrain disassembly: chain, cassette, crankset, and derailleurs removed and cleaned in the heated parts washer

Precision adjustment of brakes, derailleurs, and bearing interfaces

Check tire pressure and sealant level if applicable

Clean and polish frame, wheels, and tires

Inspect all bolts for proper torque

Lube chain and cables

50% off any additional labor needed (bearing replacement, cable install, etc.)

*Price includes labor to install parts only. Additional charges for parts.

Mountain Bike Tune


Includes Level 2 Tune-Up plus: 

Front and rear suspension service

Change fork dust wipers and oil in lowers and rear shock’s air can seals

Torque all suspension bolts to spec

Set suspension based on rider weight

Tier 2 Disc brake bleed on front and rear brakes

Safety Check


I haven't ridden my bike in a while or I assembled a bike myself and I just want to make sure it's safe to ride.

Torque all bolts

Chain is adjusted, wiped down and lubed

Brakes are adjusted

Kid's Bike/Single Speed Tune Up


Level 1 Tune Up for single-speed bikes

Bike Box & Ship


Includes box and packing materials

Bike is disassembled and packaged with care in bike box, ready for you to ship or travel.

*Customer is responsible for shipping label. We recommend using

a la carte services

Flat Fix

  • Install tube and/or tire: $15 + cost of tube
  • Install tubeless tire (includes sealant): $20 (per wheel)
  • Install and top off tubeless tire sealant: $20 (for both wheels)


  • Install chain, cassette, or freewheel: $15
  • Adjust derailleur: $20
  • Install rear derailleur: $25
  • Install chainring: $25
  • Install bottom bracket: $30 – $35


  • Tier 1: brake bleed lever plunge: $15 (per wheel) 
  • Adjust brake (front or rear): $20
  • Install disc brake pads (front or rear): $15
  • Install rim brake pads (front or rear): $20
  • Tier 2: brake full system bleed: $30 (per wheel)
  • Tier 3: disc brake full overhaul (disassemble and replacement) $85 (per wheel) 
  • Install hydraulic disc brake (front or rear): $50


  • Install rear shock: $20
  • Install cable/housing lock out or dropper lever: $25
  • Install dropper seatpost: $40 – $50
  • Overhaul suspension rear shock (air can service): $45
  • Overhaul suspension linkage / pivots: $75
  • Suspension fork lower dust seal replacement: $85


  • Install shifting cable / housing (front or rear): $25
  • Install internally routed shifting cable / housing (front or rear): $35
  • Install mountain bike shifter (each): $25


  • True wheel: $30
  • Install tubeless tape: $15
  • Tubeless Conversion (includes tape and sealant): $30
  • Install spoke: $45 – $68
  • Wheel build: $80


  • Install saddle: $10
  • Install grips or shifter hoods: $10
  • Install threadless stem: $10
  • Wrap bar tape: $15
  • Cut handlebars: $20
  • Install handlebars road: $40
  • Install handlebars mountain: $25

Frame Work

  • Cut seatpost: $10
  • Install crown race: $10
  • Adjust headset: $20
  • Install derailleur hanger: $25
  • Cut steerer tube: $25
  • Install fork: $35
  • Install headset: $25 – $35


  • Install pedals: $5
  • Install cleats: $10
  • Safety check / insurance quote: $30
  • Bike Wash: $25
  • Noise and Creak diagnosis: $65 per hour
  • Clean bike and drivetrain: $65

Storage Fee Policy

Due to limited storage space and the large volume of service we handle, all bicycles left with us 5 days past notification of completion will be charged $5 per day storage fee unless previous arrangements have been made. Bikes left without contact for longer than 30 days will be donated.