2016 Used Demo Bike Sale

{August 2016}

Demo Bike Sale | Boulder Cycle Sport

2016 Demos bike are now on sale!

Call Boulder Cycle Sport Outlet for current availability: 303.444.2453 ext.3

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SCOTT SPARK 720 S$3,999.99$2,599.99$1,400
SCOTT GENIUS 730 S$3,599.99$2,339.99$1,260
SCOTT GENIUS 730 M$3,599.99$2,339.99$1,260
SCOTT GENIUS 730 XL$3,599.99$2,339.99$1,260
SCOTT SCALE 970 XL$999.99$649.99$350
GIANT AVAIL ADV 3 WHT/PURP/TL M$1,699.99$1,104.99$595
GIANT AVAIL ADV 3 WHT/PURP/TL S$1,699.99$1,104.99$595
GIANT AVAIL ADV 3 WHT/PURP/TL XS$1,699.99$1,104.99$595
SCOTT SOLACE 20 DISC 49/XS$2,499.99$1,624.99$875
SCOTT SOLACE 20 DISC 52/S$2,499.99$1,624.99$875
SCOTT SOLACE 20 DISC 54/M$2,499.99$1,624.99$875
SCOTT SOLACE 20 DISC 56/L$2,499.99$1,624.99$875
SCOTT SOLACE 20 DISC 58/XL$2,499.99$1,624.99$875
SCOTT SOLACE 20 DISC 61/XXL$2,499.99$1,624.99$875
YETI SB6C RAW XO1 MD$6,999.99Call
YETI SB5C XO1 RAW LG$6,899.99Call
YETI SB5C XO1 TURQ SM$6,899.99Call
YETI SB5C XO1 RAW MD$6,899.99Call
YETI ASR-C TURQ XO1 LG$5,799.99Call
YETI SB4.5C XO1 RAW LG$6,899.99Call
YETI SB4.5C XO1 RAW MD$6,899.99Call
YETI SB5.5C XO1 SILVER M$6,999.99Call
YETI SB5.5C XO1 SILVER L$6,999.99Call

All of our used demo bikes come with:
A guaranteed comfortable fit.
Free 30 day tune up.
15 % off parts and accessories at time of purchase.
Free adjustments for life.

Question? Call 303.444.2453 x 3 or send us an email >>

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