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Team Not- Last!


I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to cyclocross. I finished my 9th race a Blue Sky Cup on Sunday. Louisville will be my 10th then I’ll move up to Cat 4 35+. I made the commitment on Sept 30th by betting my USA license and BRAC membership and changed my eating habits and started riding my bike and working out more. Since then, I’ve lost 3.5 lbs, 2.3% body fat and as of my physical last week, my cholesterol levels are at the best levels they have ever been.

I’ve always considered myself a “non-racer.” I guess my impression was of testosterone men fighting for position and cutting in and out of you. I have found just the opposite. I have befriended BCS CX teammates Brian Sedlillo and CJ King and we have nick-named our group “Team Not Last”. We encourage each other during the races, bring each other up when we have a down race and celebrate after our races (see attached photo.) As I often tell them, its an honor to race alongside them. I have also befriended non-BCS racers and hopes of displaying sportsmanship and being an ambassador for BCS. Dan Solemon races for Upslope Brewery and is a Southwest Airline pilot. I encourage him during the races too. Just last Sunday, I passed a Junior rider for Black Sheep racing that had passed me earlier. I told him to grab my wheel and encouraged him to dig deep and finish strong. He thanked me for my help after the race and I felt good helping him.

So, thanks again for helping me experience this great sport of cyclocross.


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