Staff Picks: Turner Mountain Bikes

Eric Lau – Service Manager
“The Turner 5.Spot is my bike of choice because it lets me keep up with cross country racer types on the hills (unless they are fast cross country racer types) and then mobs over everything on the decents. It’s the best do-it-all bike around. Also important: It comes in black, has 26 inch wheels, and is made of metal. Basically, it descends like a monster truck and goes uphill fast!”

Natasha Powers – Sales
“My Turner is b*&tcen! Does that count? 🙂 I owned a Trek and Tomac before my Turner. Not that I’m sticking just with the “T” bikes, but my 5-Spot is the fastest, most responsive all around trail bike I have ever ridden.”

Jim Savage – Sales
“The Turner Sultan is amazing! The DW-Link in the open shock position climbs like any other bike would in Pro Pedal position. Everything from the cable routing to the grease-able bushing’s in the pivots make this frame awesome! Even though the frame is aluminum and a little heavier, with the DW-Link it pedals like it has the weight of a lighter carbon frame. You gotta try one of our demo bikes to experience it!”