A Simple Wave

Wave To Each Other!

These days I rarely read a cycling blog, website or scroll through my social media feeds without viewing a post about some type of cyclist and motorist altercation. It seems as if  more cyclists than ever before have been hit by vehicles this season. Whenever I read a headline about a cyclist being hit by a car I always assume, and incorrectly so, the driver of vehicle is at fault. I’ve been pedaling the roads around Boulder for nearly 20 years and when it comes to drivers and cyclists there are two things they both have in common: 1) many don’t know how to operate their ‘vehicles’ properly and two; a lot of them can be jerks.

On any given day I see people on bikes blowing through stop signs, riding outside of a bike lane on a busy road and in general, riding like an idiot. I also see motorists weaving into bike lanes, not using turn signals and texting while driving. However, the one thing I rarely see is motorists and bicyclists give friendly waves to each other. I think it would go a long way if we all just gave each other a little bit more respect and friendliness. A simple wave would do the trick. The fact is cars and bicycles are not going anywhere. And with the population growth in Colorado growing at a rapid rate, there are only going to more of us. Do us all a favor, the next time you have the chance to show some kindness to a motorist, smile and wave. In the end we will all be better off.

– Brandon Dwight

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