There are endless variables when it comes to how a rider interacts with his or her bike. Numerous options such as frame geometry, stems, handlebars, saddles, pedals, shoes, and other accessories can be tailored to meet the rider’s needs.  Therefore, riding with any amount of discomfort no longer has to be a part of the cycling experience.

Regardless if you want to stand on the podium, go for new personal record, or just want to ride to work without your lower back bothering you for the rest of the day, a bike fit at Boulder Cycle Sport can help you achieve it.  We aim to help you get most out of your bike as well as the most out of yourself.

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Level 1 Fit + Bike Consultation // $50 

A productive 30 minute session performed by a certified bike fit specialist to dial in your bike fit. Our 3-Point Fit addresses the three contact points to the bike and is included with any new bike purchase. This fit option is suitable for all bikes regardless of when and where it was purchased.

– Saddle height & fore-aft position set up
– Proper stem for ideal bar placement
– Proper foot placement to pedal
– Frame brand and size recommendation

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Level 2 Fit // $125  

A 1-hour fit performed by a certified bike fit specialist. Our Static Fit is ideal for someone new to cycling who is looking to improve overall comfort or needs guidance in proper bike set up. This fit option is also a great option for the experienced rider looking to address specific areas of concern.

For more complex fit concerns, including pedaling efficiency and power output, we recommend our Dynamic Fit.

– Targeted considerations for your body’s specific fit concern
– Properly positioned pedal/cleat interface
– Correctly adjust seat height and fore/aft position
– Reach to handlebar set to comfortable position
– Handlebar and stem adjusted properly
– Assess all contact points to ensure optimal support
– Digital copy of measurements and settings provided

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Level 3 Fit // $300  

A comprehensive two hour fit conducted by a certified bike fit specialist utilizing the latest in bike fitting technology. Performed using Retul dynamic motion capture equipment by only certified Retul fit specialists.

– Includes and builds from the Static Fit
– Interview to understand rider history, desired riding experience or goals, and medical concerns that pertain to cycling
– A functional flexibility and biomechanical assessment to understand each riders unique riding position
– Dynamic 3D evaluation of position with real time data
– Knee tracking and right to left side symmetry recorded for comparison
– Video analysis to see changes in your position
– Comprehensive adjustments and evaluation of all three contact points for ideal support and fit
– Coaching on posture and pedaling technique
– Detailed Retul fit report with position and bike set-up measurements
– Includes a 45-minute follow up visit within 3-weeks of original appointment
– 2nd Bike set up or evaluation for $150 when using original fit data

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Sean Palmer - Retul Fit Specialist
Hailing from the confines of the industrial northeast, cycling has always represented one thing to Sean: Freedom. He has become a lifetime addict to that feeling of exhilaration which first came when he realized dad was no longer holding onto the saddle, as he said he would, and that Sean was now pedaling upright, on his own, for the first time. Then, like Wili E. Coyote who realizes that the cliff stopped about 10 steps ago; Sean came crashing to the ground. It was the begging of a love affair.

Since that first trauma-inducing experience the bike has been an all-consuming passion for Sean. It has been a livelihood that has taken him to varied places such as Seattle, Chicago, and now, Boulder. But, more importantly, the bike has provided experiences and friendships that would not have otherwise occurred. It is because of these that Sean knows, first hand, that regardless if it is racing, training, touring, or commuting to work, your day will simply be better if you are on a bike.

It is this certainty that life is best experienced from the saddle that lead to Sean’s interest in fitting. How the human body, a kinetic and highly variable entity, interacts with a bike, a rigid piece of machinery, to produce forward movement has proven to be an endlessly fascinating question, even after a decade of study and numerous schools.

Even though every step of this journey reveals that there is always more left to learn, it is Sean’s belief that the purpose of a bike fit is to allow the bike to disappear under the rider. This means that if the fitter has done his or her job properly, then the rider will experience nothing but that moment of exhilaration we all had when we first realized we were pedaling on our own.

Sean is both a Body Geometry and Retul certified fitter.

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