Save The Knees!

Boulder Cycle Sport

When the sun is shining it’s so enticing to leave behind the gloves, warmers and extra layers. And, after a long winter, sometimes 60 degrees feels downright tropical! It’s tempting do dress lightly. The sun is out, temp’s are soaring and you want, uh, NEED, some good ole’ vitamin D. As we crawl out of winter and into spring, it is important to remember to take care of your body and not jump the gun on the summer riding apparel.

Here’s the thing though. We are warm-blooded critters. As our muscles do work, our blood warms and flows through our body. We get (feel) warm. But there are places on our body that don’t get this warmth. They also lack the nerve endings necessary to let you know there are some cold spots on your body. We’re talking about our knees and the wonderful cartilage, ligaments and tendons in those knees that help us pedal our bikes. The reason this is important is that even if you feel warm, you may still be causing cold weather damage to your body. Coldness creates stiffness, and reduces and restricts movement.

Our on the bike tip is if you ever reach down and feel your kneecap is cold, you need to cover it up. The general rule of thumb is if it’s below 65 degrees pull on some knee or leg warmers. They are easy to stuff in a jersey pocket and much less expensive than knee rehab!

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