Are You Ready For Spring?

Spring Means Cycling!

5 Tips To Get You Ready For Spring Rides

Whether it’s biking to work or prepping for your first big ride, these five tips will get you ready to pedal this Spring!

1. Limber Up.

To get the most out of your body, you need to take care of it. Take a few minutes before or after your ride to do some light stretching or your favorite yoga poses. It’s a great way to get your engine warmed up before a ride and to recover afterwards.

2. Dial In Your Ride.

Like you body, your bike needs some love, too. If it’s been more than a year we recommend a full tune up and drivetrain clean at the start of the season. There’s nothing worse than having your first ride of the season get derailed by a loose spoke or a worn out chain. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, stop by your favorite local shop for a tune up and drivetrain clean. Let the friendly mechanics know you want your bike dialed and styled for the start of the season.

3. Check Your Gear.

Your body is good. Your bike is good. What about the rest of your bike gear? When was the last time you replaced the cleats on your shoes? Have you checked the integrity of your saddle bag supplies? How old is your helmet? Most helmet companies suggest helmets be replaced every 3 to 5 years. Do your gloves have a whole in the palm? When was the last time you got new cycling shorts? The pad (chamois) can lose density over time and not be as comfortable as it once was. The start of the season is the time to do an inventory check on all your cycling gear and see what needs to be replaced.

4. Take It Easy.

With cold temps, snow and less daylight it’s hard to stay in cycling shape during the winter. If your fitness is not quite what it was last summer, take those first few rides slow and easy. Don’t worry, with a couple weeks of consistent rides you’ll start feeling faster and stronger. 

5. Get Out Of The Rut

We know the drill. You’ve got an hour to ride, so it’s easy to do the old same route every time. There are so many roads and trails to ride in and around Boulder. Heck, even if it’s a new route to work or school, we challenge you to try something new this year!

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