Practice Makes Perfect


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to schedule a private cornering skills session with mountain bike skills guru Lee McCormack. Whether it’s at clinics, on his website or through his books, Lee makes his living teaching people how to ride a mountain bike with more confidence. For months I had been trying to schedule a time to meet with Lee to work on some cornering skills for cyclocross racing. Now you might think, “Why the heck does Brandon need cornering practice? That old fart has been racing for almost 20 years!” Well, that is true, I have been racing for a long time, (and I am old) but I truly believe everyone can use more practice, even with the most basic skill. I heard a story that Larry Bird would shoot 100 free throws at the end of every practice and you know what, Larry Bird was a damn good free throw shooter.


My session with Lee was less than an hour, but I took home several very valuable tips that have already translated into faster cornering on my cyclocross bike. Not to mention my pump track mojo went up a couple notches, too!


Most cyclocross racers get caught up in the dismount and remount skill, but if you think about it you only dismount and remount a bike one, maybe two times per lap. There are dozens of turns per lap in a ‘cross race and if you can be a fraction of a second faster per turn that is going add up at the end of race.


If you are interested in meeting up with Lee you can send him an email or check out his website: Lee has an amazing teaching technique and will help riders of all levels !

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