Join ten20 Women’s Cycling Club!

Team ten20 is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of women’s cycling. Founded on the desire to bring stylish design to women’s bike apparel and fueled by the love of cycling, team ten20 is Colorado’s fastest growing women’s bike club. Based in the heart of the USA’s #1 cycling town, Boulder, Colorado, the team encourages, educates, empowers, and enables women on the saddle.  Our team strives to be supportive and involved in the Colorado cycling community and aims to foster positive relationships with other groups in the area who also enjoy all things “bike.”
Team ten20 is open to riders of all abilities. If you’re interested in becoming part of our fun cycling community, please check out the Team tab and learn about what it takes to join!

Go right to our Registration Web Page to find out all the details on how to officially join. Current riders go straight to MadSync, login, and  click on “Renew membership.”

Highlights for 2013

A full-month calendar will be posted prior to each month. Rides will be dispersed on different days (not just Wed and Sat anymore) with input from riders. Each has a designated ride difficulty a la snow resorts:

  • Black Diamond (race pace, pace line, pull at front, racer-focused, drops allowed)
  • Blue Square (moderate pace, love to climb (Left Hand Canyon’s a favorite), take turns pulling at the front, 15mph+ average)
  • Green Circle (easy rider, 10-15mph, rolling hills=smiles, no drops)
  • Mountain Biking!

Cyclist niche groups will be created so that those training for specific races & rides, i.e. are triathletes or Century peddlers, or have similar riding paces can more easily hook up with each other.

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