The Evolution of Boulder Cycle Sport

Mission and Core Values

Boulder Cycle Sport (BCS) was founded in 2005 with the simple aim to redefine the neighborhood bike shop. In Boulder, the neighbor could just as easily be a former Olympian or a completely new first-time bike rider. This meant we had to serve a broad and diverse range of clientele out of a small 1600 square foot space in a town that was already teaming with premier bicycle shops.

We had zero retail experience prior to opening the business. Nearly everyone, with the exception of close friends and family, thought we were insane to open another bike shop in Boulder, let alone on the northernmost edge of town. We were in over our heads.

Despite our frequent fumbles through year one, we miraculously won the industry award for the Best New Bicycle Shop in America. What we lacked in experience we made up for in hospitality, passion for riding, design, art, sports science, and local connections.

We lucked out having talented groups such as Tres Birds to design and build out the space, RL Woodworks for craftsmanship and Sidfactor 7 for our logo/branding. With those professional groups helping our look and feel, we were able to be at the front of the progression of visual retailing.

We also made it a point to contribute tirelessly to the Boulder community through cycling advocacy, events, service, and non-profit contributions.

Today we have a growing network of stores with Boulder Cycle Sport Outlet and Pro Peloton as additions to the BCS family. Along with being annually listed as one of the top dealers in America and in many Top 10 best shops in world lists, we were awarded the Retailer of the Year Award at Interbike in 2016.

After receiving these awards people frequently asked us what it is that makes us different – particularly in the current challenging retail climate?

We could certainly list our loyal clientele, top-notch brand partners, facilities, and our talented staff. We’ve given back more than we’ve earned as a company in cash, service, product, and facilities to multiple non-profits, cycling advocacy groups, community events, bike parks, trails, infrastructure, and more.

All of these are essential ingredients of an award-winning retail operation, but these alone are not enough to withstand the competition from online sales.

What we do believe is that our mission and core values are the key differentiating factors to keep our business thriving in the modern retail era.

In our eagerness to execute on our mission and grow our stores we have not always clearly articulated our purpose beyond the original goal of ‘redefining the neighborhood bike shop.

This made it challenging to seamlessly execute on the downstream operational elements as our organization grew. Yet internally we knew that our purpose had evolved.

Our mission and core values needed an update to ensure that we could hold our organization accountable to our deeper goals and to better articulate Boulder Cycle Sport’s aims.

Our mission statement is a synthesis of our goal to give back to the world through contribution, tools for transformation, and service to our tremendous community. As such, we are pleased to share our updated mission.



Our mission is to ignite change in the world through the power of riding on two wheels.


Why is this mission possible?

We believe the bike is more than a mere material good.

A bicycle is a vehicle of personal transformation, allowing its riders blissful exploration of new landscapes, both internal and external.

For others, the bike is a simple tool to get around while also reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions.

The inherent magic of the bike is that it can completely challenge your beliefs about what you’re capable of and deepen your connection to your surroundings. Cycling facilitates a sense of clarity and purpose.

Moreover, the health benefits of riding, such as decreased risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes are profound. The positive effects of pedaling have saved lives, from those seeking refuge from the ravages of addiction to those working on recovery from triple bypass surgery.


We are committed to accomplishing the mission with the following core values

Passion: We aim to impart infectious enthusiasm and motivation to ride while maintaining uncanny attention to detail!
Evolution: We support the continued quest for improving physical and mental health through education and profound experiences on two wheels.
Connection: We continually strive to have fun through connecting with community on the bike with the common aim to bring people together while concurrently giving back to our planet and environment.


In Summary

While we will still continue to redefine the neighborhood bicycle shop, these values are the glue that holds our organization together.

Without you, our customers, we can’t accomplish this valuable mission. Thank you for supporting BCS!


About the Boulder Cycle Sport collective

Our Stores are owned and operated by University of Colorado Alumni, cyclists, yogis, and conservationists

Boulder Cycle Sport: Established in 2005, our North Broadway location redefined the neighborhood bike shop with cachet. 12 years later, with numerous industry awards and press, we haven’t slowed down.
Boulder Cycle Sport Outlet: Established in 2010, our Outlet is the confluence of premium product, ultimate service with ‘perfect’ pricing to create an unparalleled access point for cycling.
Pro Peloton Cyclery: Founded in 1996 and acquired by Boulder Cycle Sport in 2014, Pro Peloton brings spokes to bespoke bicycles with curated products and experiences.