past season 2017 2016 sale bikes from scott giant yeti focus bmc

Price Lists

updated: 11/08/18

*Please see the two lists below for sale bike pricing at both Boulder Cycle Sport Locations (North and South). These lists don’t include all available sale bikes. Call or visit the store for the most accurate availability and pricing. Please ask about special orders on closeout bikes.


NORTH STOREAddress: 4580 North Broadway
BMC18 TIMEMACHINE TM01 DA DI2 RED/BLK (w/ 404’s)M/L$9,999.99$7,499.99$2,500.00
SCOTT18 SPARK RC 900 SLMD$9,999.99$7,499.99$2,500.00
SCOTT18 GENIUS 700 ULTIMATESM$9,799.99$7,349.99$2,450.00
YETI18 SB5 T-SERIES XO EAGLE TURQ XMC1200 WHEELSLG$8,299.99$6,224.99$2,075.00
BMC18 AGONIST 01 CBN/REDMD$7,499.99$5,624.99$1,875.00
BMC18 ROADMACHINE RM01 THREE BLK/RED56$7,499.00$5,624.25$1,874.75
YETI18 SB5 LR T-SERIES X01 TURQXL$7,199.00$5,399.25$1,799.75
YETI18 DEMO SB4.5 T-SERIES X01 STORMSM$6,999.99$5,249.99$1,750.00
YETI18 DEMO SB4.5 T-SERIES X01 RAW/STMD, LG$6,999.00$5,249.25$1,749.75
PINARELLO18 FRAMESET DOGMA F10 DISK B.O.B42, 44, 50, 57.5$5,999.99$4,499.99$1,500.00
SCOTT18 DEMO SCALE RC 900 WC BLK/YEL/REDXL$5,799.99$4,349.99$1,450.00
YETI18 DEMO SB6 CARBON GX1MD$5,399.99$4,049.99$1,350.00
YETI18 DEMO SB5 CARBON GX1 RAW/GYXS, SM$5,399.99$4,049.99$1,350.00
BMC18 RM01 FOUR GRY BLU47, 54, 56$5,199.99$3,899.99$1,300.00
BMC18 ROADMACHINE RM02 ONE ULTEGRA DI2 RED/GRN51$4,999.99$3,749.99$1,250.00
LIV18 AVAIL ADV PRO (DEMO) BLK/RED/BLUESM$4,800.00$3,600.00$1,200.00
GIANT18 DEFY ADV PRO 0 CARB/CHROM/CHARSM$4,699.99$3,524.99$1,175.00
LIV18 DEMO LANGMA ADV PRO 0 DRK BLU CARB/BLU/TEALSM$4,600.00$3,450.00$1,150.00
SCOTT18 DEMO SPARK 920 BLK/YEL/REDSM$4,199.99$3,149.99$1,050.00
SCOTT18 CONTESSA GENIUS 720 GRY/PNKSM$4,199.99$3,149.99$1,050.00
GIANT18 ROAD E+ 1 28MPH BLK/BLUMD$4,050.00$3,037.50$1,012.50
BMC18 ROADMACHINE RM02 TWO BLK/RED/BLUE47, 51$3,999.99$2,999.99$1,000.00
SCOTT18 PLASMA 10 BLK/REDMD/54$3,899.99$2,924.99$975.00
GIANT18 QUICK E+ 28MPH RENTAL CHAR GRYLG$3,049.99$2,287.49$762.50
BMC18 ROADMACHINE RM02 105 Blk/gry47$2,999.99$2,249.99$750.00
FOCUS18 MARES RIVAL CX51$2,999.00$2,249.25$749.75
GIANT18 TCX ADV PRO 1 (TEAM USE)M/L$2,516.00$1,887.00$629.00
LIV18 AMITI E+2 20MPH SAT DRK SIL/TEALXS$2,450.00$1,837.50$612.50
GIANT18 DEFY ADV 1 BLK/YELSM$2,375.00$1,781.25$593.75
FOCUS18 MARES RIVAL (TEAM BIKE)48$2,199.00$1,649.25$549.75
SCOTT18 SCALE 930 BLK/YEL/REDXL$1,999.99$1,499.99$500.00
LIV18 AVAIL ADV 2 WHT/BLU/REDMD$1,990.00$1,492.50$497.50
SCOTT18 SPEEDSTER CX 10 DISCSM/52, MD/54, XL/58$1,699.99$1,274.99$425.00
SURLY18 STRAGGLER APEX BLK52$1,549.99$1,162.49$387.50
SURLY18 STRAGGLER 650B BLUEBERRY MUFFIN TOP50$1,549.00$1,161.75$387.25
LIV18 DEMO EMBOLDEN 2 MAT BLK/RED/LT BLUSM$1,530.00$1,147.50$382.50
GIANT18 STANCE 2 BLK/NEON YEL/CHARLG$1,530.00$1,147.50$382.50
SCOTT18 DEMO BIG JON BLUELG$1,499.99$1,124.99$375.00
GIANT18 CONTEND SL 2 DISC CHAR/BLK/BLUMD$1,125.00$843.75$281.25
LIV19 TEMPT 2 SILVERXS, SM, MD$719.99$539.99$180.00
LINUS18 BIKE GASTON 3 SPEED BLACKLG$699.99$524.99$175.00
GIANT18 TCX ESPOIR 24 ORG$669.99$502.49$167.50
GIANT19 ESCAPE 2 CITY DISC NAVY BLUMD$665.00$498.75$166.25
SCOTT18 VOLTAGE YZ 10 YELLXS$599.99$449.99$150.00
SCOTT18 CONTESSA 720 BLK/PNKXS, SM$599.99$449.99$150.00
LINUS18 ROADSTER SPORT 3 REDMD$599.99$449.99$150.00
LIV18 TEMPT 3 SATIN BLK/AQUMD$530.00$397.50$132.50
GIANT19 ESCAPE 2 DISC CHARMD, XL$519.99$389.99$130.00
GIANT19 ESCAPE 2 CHARCOALSM, XL$505.00$378.75$126.25
GIANT18 ESCAPE 2 BLU/BLKSM, XL$460.00$345.00$115.00
LIV18 ALIGHT 2 MAT LGT BLU/PURP/AQUALG$460.00$345.00$115.00
GIANT18 ATX 2 26 MAT BLK/NEO REDXS$460.00$345.00$115.00
LIV18 ALIGHT 2 DRK PURP/TANMD$459.99$344.99$115.00



South StoreAddress: 629 S Broadway k
BrandModelSizeOriginal PriceSale Price$ You Save
YETI18 SB5 TURQ X01 TURQOISEMD$6,999.99$4,899.99$2,100.00
YETI18 DEMO SB4.5 CARBON GX1 RAWLG$5,200.00$3,640.00$1,560.00
YETI18 SB4.5 CARBON GX1 STORMMD$5,199.99$3,639.99$1,560.00
BMC18 RM01 FOUR GRY BLU56$5,199.99$3,639.99$1,560.00
SCOTT18 CONTESSA GENIUS 720 GRY/PNKMD$4,199.99$2,939.99$1,260.00
GIANT18 TCR ADV PRO 1 SMK/RED CHARCMD/LG$3,214.99$2,250.49$964.50
GIANT18 QUICK E+ 28MPH RENTAL CHAR GRYXL$3,049.99$2,134.99$915.00
GIANT18 TRANCE 2 MATTE GRY/NEON GRNSM$2,889.99$2,022.99$867.00
LIV18 AMITI E+2 20MPH SAT DRK SIL/TEALSM$2,450.00$1,715.00$735.00
GIANT18 DEFY ADV 1 BLK/YELM/L$2,375.00$1,662.50$712.50
SCOTT18 RENTAL SPEEDSTER GRAVEL 10 DISC GRY/REDMD/54, XL/54$1,599.99$1,119.99$480.00
SURLY18 STRAGGLER APEX BLK54$1,549.99$1,084.99$465.00
GIANT18 STANCE 2 MAT BLK/YELXS$1,530.00$1,071.00$459.00
SCOTT18 DEMO BIG JON BLUEMD, LG, XL$1,499.99$1,049.99$450.00
LIV18 AVAIL SL 1 DISC DRK CHAR/TEALMD$1,399.99$979.99$420.00
GIANT18 TOUGHROAD SLR GX 1 BLU/SILML$1,350.00$945.00$405.00
SURLY17 LONG HAUL TRUCKER 26” CAKIPANTS 10SPD50$1,275.00$892.50$382.50
SURLY17 LONG HAUL TRUCKER 26” 10 SPEED BLK52$1,274.99$892.49$382.50
BMC16 TRACK MACHINE TR02 BLKXS$1,199.99$839.99$360.00
BMC18 TEAMMACHINE ALR01 FOUR GRY/BLK/RED47, 51, 57$999.99$699.99$300.00
GIANT18 FATHOM 27.5 1XL$999.00$699.30$299.70
GIANT18 ESCAPE 1 DISC MAT CHAR/ NEON REDXL$680.00$476.00$204.00
GIANT18 TCX ESPOIR ORGJR 24$669.99$468.99$201.00
LINUS18 ROADSTER SPORT 3-SPD BLKMD$665.99$466.19$199.80
SCOTTT18 CONTESSA 720 BLK/PNKXS$599.99$419.99$180.00
SCOTT18 ASPECT 950 BLK/ORGXXL$599.99$419.99$180.00
SCOTT18 DEMO VOLTAGE YZ 10 YELMD, LG$599.99$419.99$180.00
SCOTT18 DEMO ASPECT 950 BLK/ORGLG, XL$599.99$419.99$180.00
LINUS18 BIKE DUTCHI 3 BLKMD$599.99$419.99$180.00
LIV18 RENTAL ALIGHT 2 DRK PURP/TANXS$460.00$322.00$138.00
GIANT18 RENTAL ESCAPE 2 BLU/BLKXL$460.00$322.00$138.00
GIANT18 ATX 2 26 ELEC BLU/ORGXS$450.00$315.00$135.00
LIV18 SUEDE 2 PLUMMD$449.99$314.99$135.00
SCOTT17 CONTESSAJR 24$424.99$297.49$127.50

All sale bikes come with the new bike package:

– Guaranteed fit

– First Tune Up is free

– Free adjustments for life

– 15% off accessories at purchase

Referral program for $100 gift card

Sale bike inventory can change quickly, please call or email the shop to confirm availability.

All discounted bikes are final sale.


Prices for in-stock bikes only.  Cannot be combined with any other discount.