Staff Picks: Turner Mountain Bikes

Eric Lau – Service Manager “The Turner 5.Spot is my bike of choice because it lets me keep up with cross country racer types on the hills (unless they are fast cross country racer types) and then mobs over everything on the decents. It’s the best do-it-all bike around. Also important: It comes in black, has 26 inch wheels, and is made of metal. Basically, it descends like a monster truck and goes uphill fast!” Natasha Powers – Sales “My […]

5 Steps to be a Rad Bike Commuter

What is a rad bike commuter? Well, in our opinion anybody who commutes by bike is pretty rad. But, being a rad bike commuter is more than just slinging a messenger bag over your shoulder and putting on a skater helmet. Being a rad bike commuter means obeying the rules and being respectful of other bike commuters, pedestrians, and, yes, even those driving cars. Here are five simple things you can do while bike commuting to be more rad. Be […]

To Disc or Not to Disc

Do you need a disc brake cyclocross bike this season? Well, it’s only the end of June and already everyone’s talking about cyclocross. And, the hot topic this season is disc brakes. Personally, I am going to be going to use disc brakes on all of my cyclocross bikes. I think it is the future of the sport and I want to embrace the technology and help push it forward. Do I think disc brakes are going to make me […]

Ride Better with Yoga

For cyclists, a few basic yoga poses can go a long way in “un-doing” some of the tightness that creeps up in the body after a long ride. Riding is notorious for creating stiff quadriceps, hamstrings and hips. The shoulders and neck also take quite a beating over time from leaning towards the handlebars and looking up to see the road. The good news is that just a few minutes of stretching can provide worlds of relief for these common cycling […]

Beat the Bonk!

Bonking. We’ve all been there. It’s the pivotal moment when we go from feeling like Lance Armstrong to John Candy riding a cruiser bike uphill. Pre-ride, ride, and post-ride nutrition is one of the most crucial aspects of maximizing your experience on the bike. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you happily hammering on your bike. Pre-Ride Nutrition. No matter if you’re going out for a ride that’s short and mellow or long and hard, consuming pre-ride fuel […]

My First Boulder Mountain Bike Ride

21 years ago in the Fall of 1990, my mom and I where cresting the hill on Route 36 West looking at the Boulder Flatirons through the windshield of our rental car. Even though I was starting school at the University of Colorado in just a few days, it was the first time I had ever seen Boulder. I couldn’t believe the spectacular view. I also couldn’t wait to explore those mountains on my awesome graduation gift: a mountain bike. […]