5 Steps To Be A Rad Bike Commuter

What is a rad bike commuter? Well, in our opinion anybody who commutes by bike is pretty rad. But, being a rad bike commuter is more than just slinging a messenger bag over your shoulder and putting on a skater helmet. Being a rad bike commuter means obeying the rules and being respectful of other bike commuters, pedestrians, and, yes, even those driving cars. Here are five simple things you can do while bike commuting to be more rad.

1. Be heard and be seen. Use hands signals, a bell and your voice to get attention. Even if you don’t know what the proper hand signals are use your hands and arms to let other drivers, bikers and pedestrians know what you’re doing. If you want to learn proper hand signals for cycling, Google it. It’s pretty simple stuff. A bell with a friendly chime is a nice way to let others know you are coming close. Yelling at a pedestrian, “On your left!” just as you are about to pass is likely going to scare the daylights out of them. Not to mention, they will probably jump to the left, in to you, when you yell at them.

Bike bells are cool!

2. Wear a skid lid. This seems like a no-brainer (no pun intended) but please, wear your helmet. Most accidents happen on the busy bike paths, bike lanes and while you are close to home or work. Furthermore as a bike commuter you are riding at times of day when there are more cars on the road. If you don’t have a helmet, get one. Today.

At least he’s on a bike!

3. Stay the course. Do your best to ride on designated bike paths and bike lanes. Try to avoid riding on busy streets with no safe rideable shoulder. It’s not only dangerous for you, but it’s dangerous for everyone else around you. Yes, we know bikes deserve the road as much as a car does, but the infrastructure on some roads is not designed for cycling. It’s just not safe.

This bike lane was built for you! Try to use it!

4. Get noticed. If you’re riding in early morning or after dark, please use a light. The rules in Boulder state you must ride with a white light on the front of your bike and a rear red reflector when it’s dark. Did you know, if you get hit by a car at night and you don’t have a light on your bike, it’s not the drivers fault. Even if it is their fault.

Get a bright LED light so you’ll be seen!

5. Be cool out there. There’s no need to be riding as fast as you can along a congested bike path during the busiest time of the day. It not only is dangerous, but it’s just not cool. And, who doesn’t want to be cool?

Chances are pedestrians don’t know the rules of the path like you do. Be cool and everything will be alright.

Follow these five steps and you’re guaranteed to be one rad commuter.

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