5 Steps To Be A Rad Bike Commuter

What is a rad bike commuter? Well, in our opinion anybody who commutes by bike is pretty rad. But, being a rad bike commuter is more than just slinging a messenger bag over your shoulder and putting on a skater helmet. Being a rad bike commuter means obeying the rules and being respectful of other bike commuters, pedestrians, and, yes, even those driving cars. Here are five simple things you can do while bike commuting to be more rad. 1. […]

Beginner Bike Racing For Women

Team ten20 teaches you how to race!

Team ten20, a Boulder Cycle Sport supported women’s cycling club, invites all women to an informational meeting about bike racing. The team’s “Race Enabler,”  Lauren Augusta, will walk you through what it takes to begin racing, make it through your first race, and get pumped for more! Topics to include: Licensing Training Realistic goals What to expect on race day Pre-race jitters Why women should race 7pm, Thursday February 7th at Boulder Cycle Sport South.

BCS Represents at Cyclocross Nationals

Wow! What a weekend. Boulder Cycle Sport took home two more National Titles, a bunch of podium appearances and we had some awesome breakthrough performances! With Pete Webber taking first place in Masters 40-44 category and Russell Stevenson doing the same in the Masters 35-39 it marks sixth year in a row that Boulder Cycle Sport has brought home a Stars and Stripes jersey from Cyclocross Nationals! We also think we are the only team to bring home two National […]

Bikes, Yoga and Costa Rica, oh my!

Did you know that Boulder Cycle Sport co-founder Dr. Taro Smith is also a yogi? He and his partner Amy Ippoliti (world-renowned yoga teacher) put together off-season yoga programs for cyclists as wells as yoga therapeutics trainings. Here is a follow up to a Boulder Cycle Sport e-news Amy did last year with some yoga poses to get ready for the cycling season! Get the Most Out of Your Bike with Yoga and These 5 Poses! by Amy Ippoliti and […]

Join ten20 Women’s Cycling Club!

Team ten20 is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of women’s cycling. Founded on the desire to bring stylish design to women’s bike apparel and fueled by the love of cycling, team ten20 is Colorado’s fastest growing women’s bike club. Based in the heart of the USA’s #1 cycling town, Boulder, Colorado, the team encourages, educates, empowers, and enables women on the saddle.  Our team strives to be supportive and involved in the Colorado cycling community and aims to foster […]

Practice Makes Perfect

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to schedule a private cornering skills session with mountain bike skills guru Lee McCormack. Whether it’s at clinics, on his website or through his books, Lee makes his living teaching people how to ride a mountain bike with more confidence. For months I had been trying to schedule a time to meet with Lee to work on some cornering skills for cyclocross racing. Now you might think, “Why the heck does […]