Bike Maintenance & Repair Services

All Boulder Cycle Sport locations are full-service bicycle service shops. Our professionally-trained mechanics are here to help you and keep your bike rolling like new. 

Please visit or call us for a free quote on any maintenance and repair needs you may have. Minor repairs like fixing a flat or installing a small accessory can usually be done while you wait. Please make an appointment ahead of time for any other repairs, including Free 30-Day Tune-ups (if you purchased a bike from BCS). 

Check out our menu below to see what’s included at each tune-up level and pricing for à la carte services. Labor rates do not include the cost of parts.

Level 1 Tune-Up – $90*
Inspect + Quick Tune-up*

“I haven’t ridden my bike in a while. Can you make sure everything is good to go?” 

  • Safety inspection and bike wipe down
  • Check air in tires, fork, suspension
  • Check sealant levels in tubeless tires (if applicable)
  • Clean and lube chain, cables, and pivots
  • Basic inspections and adjustments (brakes, derailleur, drivetrain) to ensure safety 
  • Spot true wheels
  • Headset bearing adjustment
  • 50% off of any additional labor needed (new tubes, cable install, bearing install, etc)

*A Level 1 Tune-up is what you get with your one free 30-day tune-up when you buy a bike from BCS.
Price includes labor to install parts only. Additional charges for parts. 

Level 2 Tune-up – $175*
Complete Tune-up + Clean

“I’ve put a ton of miles on my bike and it’s time to go over everything” or “something doesn’t feel quite right.” 
Level 2 Tune-up includes:

  • Precision wheel true: spoke tension measured and corrected
  • Complete drivetrain disassembly: Chain, cassette, crankset, and derailleurs removed and cleaned in the heated parts washer
  • Lube chain and cables
  • Full precision brake and derailleur adjustments
  • Check tire pressure and sealant level if applicable
  • Clean and polish frame, wheels, and tires
  • Inspect all bolts for proper torque
  • 50% off any additional labor needed (bearing replacement, cable install, etc)

*Price includes labor to install parts, additional charge for actual parts.  

Level 3 Mountain Bike Tune – $350 

Includes our Level 2 clean and tune-up, plus: 

  • Front and rear suspension service
  • Change fork dust wipers and oil in lowers and rear shock’s air can seals
  • Torque all suspension bolts to spec
  • Set suspension based on rider weight
  • Tier 2 Disc brake bleed on front and rear brakes

Basic Tune-Up – $60

  • Safety inspection of bicycle
  • Torque all bolts and parts 
  • Tune front and rear derailleurs 
  • Tune front and rear brakes
  • Spot wheel true
  • Chain, cables and pivots are lubricated 

Safety Check/Kids Bike Tune Up – $40

  • Torque all bolts
  • Chain is adjusted, wiped down and lubed 
  • Brakes are adjusted

Bike Box and Ship – $65* 

Includes box and packing materials

  • Bike is disassembled and packaged with care in bike box, ready for you to ship or travel.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping label. We recommend using

A La Carte Services

Flat Fix

  • Install tube and/or tire: $8 + cost of tube
  • Install tubeless tire (includes sealant): $20 (per wheel)
  • Install and top off tubeless tire sealant: $20 (for both wheels)


  • Install chain, cassette, or freewheel: $10
  • Adjust derailleur: $15
  • Install rear derailleur: $25
  • Install chainring: $25
  • Install bottom bracket: $30 – $35


  • Tier 1: brake bleed lever plunge: $15 (per wheel) 
  • Adjust brake (front or rear): $15
  • Install disc brake pads (front or rear): $15
  • Install rim brake pads (front or rear): $20
  • Tier 2: brake full system bleed: $30 (per wheel)
  • Tier 3: disc brake full overhaul (disassemble and replacement) $85 (per wheel) 
  • Install hydraulic disc brake (front or rear): $50


  • Install rear shock: $20
  • Install cable/housing lock out or dropper lever: $20
  • Install dropper seatpost: $40 – $50
  • Overhaul suspension rear shock (air can service): $45
  • Overhaul suspension linkage / pivots: $75
  • Suspension fork lower dust seal replacement: $85


  • Install shifting cable / housing (front or rear): $20
  • Install internally routed shifting cable / housing (front or rear): $25
  • Install mountain bike shifter (each): $25


  • True wheel: $15
  • Install tubeless tape: $15
  • Tubeless Conversion (includes tape and sealant): $30
  • Install spoke: $35 – $50
  • Wheel build: $80


  • Install saddle: $5
  • Install grips or shifter hoods: $5
  • Install threadless stem: $10
  • Wrap bar tape: $15
  • Cut handlebars: $15
  • Install handlebars road: $40
  • Install handlebars mountain: $25

Frame Work

  • Cut seatpost: $10
  • Install crown race: $10
  • Adjust headset: $15
  • Install derailleur hanger: $25
  • Cut steerer tube: $25
  • Install fork: $35
  • Install headset: $25 – $35


  • Install pedals: $5
  • Install cleats: $10
  • Safety check / insurance quote: $30
  • Bike Wash: $25
  • Noise and Creak diagnosis: $65 per hour
  • Clean bike and drivetrain: $65
  • Used bike inspection for purchase or resale: $45