Guns and Ammo in the Bike Industry

Three weeks ago we (Boulder Cycle Sport) saw a press release that mentioned that Vista Outdoor, the parent of several of our brands (Giro, Bell, Blackburn, and Camelbak), was having a slump in their ammo sales.

We weren’t sure if we were reading the statement correctly. Ammo sales? In the bike industry?

After a little digging, we found that Vista Outdoor (VO) owns many of the larger companies in the firearms, ammunition, and tactical gear fields. Upon deeper review of VO, we discovered they are a major player in the manufacturing of assault rifles, ammo designed to pierce armor, and bullets designed to create massive wound channels and large entry cavities that won’t close for large game hunting.

Screenshots from VO owned companies and

Vista outdoor savage arms    Vista outdoor federal premium

We immediately asked to hold our preseason order with Bell, Giro, Blackburn until we could get more information. We scheduled a call to speak to our rep to express our concerns about their affiliation to Vista Outdoors. Coincidentally, the Parkland school shooting happened within 30 minutes of the call.

We have also learned of other local ties to cycling industry and the public sale of assault rifles; as such, we are thoroughly examining all of our relationships to help inform us in future purchasing decisions.

This information reinforced our decision and belief that we should no longer support the flow of funds to an organization that harnesses their dollars to donate to the NRA, sell assault weapons to the public, and contributes to trophy hunting.


Contributing to these organizations does not align with our mission and core values.


We find it challenging to support Bell, Giro, Blackburn, and Camelbak until these organizations can find a way to separate themselves from their ties to this trade. That being said, this is not an indictment of the individual employees at these organizations, but a statement about voting with our dollars and sticking to our beliefs.

Our mission is to ignite change in the world through the power of riding on two wheels. This incident has been a catalyst to examine our partnerships. As a small business, we can foster change with our decision to focus on vendor partners that most closely align with our mission.

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