Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Team


Join Our Cyclocross Team!
That’s right, we’re back. For the 9th season in a row the Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Ambassador Team is ready to teach you to become a better cyclocross racer. Want to become a better rider? Want to try a race? Want to ride with a fun group led by a experienced and professional riders? Our Cyclocross Team is open to all abilities, with the goal of growing the cyclocross community, having fun, and helping you become a better rider! For nearly a decade we have taught more riders how to do cyclocross than any team in the World*

(*there is no concrete evidence of this, but we’re pretty sure we are one of the tops!)

How Does It Work?
The BCS Cyclocross Team is open to everyone, regardless of ability or racing experience. Just come into the shop or call us and we’ll get you registered. Members will be notified about all team rides, races, and skills clinics. Seasonal dues are $150 and include an official Team jersey.

Club Benefits

  • A team led by our experienced Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Ambassador Team.
  • You’ll get access to team-only rides, skills clinics and training opportunities. The tentative schedule is for multiple team rides and clinics per week.
  • A Boulder Cycle Sport Team jersey is included with your dues. Full team race kits, jackets, long sleeved jerseys, skin suits are available at substantial savings from our official race clothing provider, Castelli Cycling.
  • You’ll get access to a team-only internet group for private team discussion with teammates and team leaders.
  • We’ll set up a Boulder Cycle Sport tent and base camp with mechanical support for team riders at most cyclocross races.
  • Special team-only sales nights at the shop with deep discounts from team sponsors.

Team Member Requirements

  • You are asked to represent Boulder Cycle Sport and our community in a positive manner at all times, both on and off the bike. (BCS reserves the right to remove riders from the team due to improper or unsportsmanlike behavior.)
  • Please wear your Boulder Cycle Sport jersey at all races and events.
  • We’ll ask each member to volunteer at one race or volunteer event (more info soon).



How do I join?

Please visit or call the store to join. 303-444-2453 x 1 (No email please)

How long is my team membership valid?

The term of membership is from the time you join in 2014 through the end of the cyclocross season in January 2015.

How much does membership cost?

The team dues are $150 per person.

How much does membership cost if I join midway through the year?

We do not pro-rate the membership fee.

Do I have to race?

No! But if you choose to race, you must list your team as Boulder Cycle Sport with USA Cycling and Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado.

Do I need to get a license?

For cyclocross racing, you’ll need to purchase Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) and USA Cycling licenses. This can be done together at USA Cycling’s website.

Where can I purchase my race license?


I just purchased my first bike, can I join a team?

Yes! Our teams are open to everyone!

Is there a minimum age for participation in the clubs?

Yes, all team riders must be over 18 years old. If you are looking for a junior racing program we suggest Boulder Junior Cycling.

When are the team group rides?

We will be organizing  rides at various days/times to be determined times.



Pete Webber 


Pete Webber is a veteran cycling expert with more than 25 years experience in all types of riding. He’s a full-time cycling coach and multi-time cyclocross National Champion. Pete’s been a member of the Boulder Cycle Sport Team since its inception and is a key leader of Boulder’s cycling community.

Kristin Weber


Kristin Weber started her cycling career as a Schwinn Homegrown Mountain Bike team member in 90′s and then segued that into a lengthy career as a Luna Chix Mountain Bike Ambassador in the early 2000s where she spent years teaching mountain bike skills to women while doing philanthropic work for the Breast Cancer Fund. Cyclocross captured her imagination and proved to highlight her skills as a mountain biker and runner and she was two silver medals at the 2012 and 2013 Cyclocross Masters World Championships as well as podium spots at the ’12 and ’13 Cyclocross National Championships. Kristin  loves to evangelize all things ‘cross and is especially excited to get more women involved in the sport. She is a mom of three young cyclists, a wife and runs here own graphic design business.

Greg Keller

Greg Keller is a veteran of the world of cyclocross, entering his 18th season of competing in the sport he consistently teaches and evangelizes. Greg’s focus is on the extremely competitive Elite Masters fields in Colorado and at select events across the nation. He has represented the United States at the Master’s World Cyclocross Championships in 2008 in Europe and 2013 in the US and various National Championships throughout his career. His greatest emphasis is now on youth development in the sport as a lead coach for Boulder Junior Cycling and a teacher to newcomers for the last decade, providing clinics, instruction and mentoring. He is also widely know as “Mud and Cowbells”, the site he created in 2006 to speak his mind and his passion for the sport of cyclocross. Greg returns for the 4th year as a Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassador.

Chris Case

Chris Case discovered cycling as a graduate student at the University of Texas in 2006; he quickly learned that cyclocross was a great match for his physiology when he won his first race, the collegiate conference cross championship. Since then he has competed in the elite fields in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and Colorado, and has earned a silver medal at both the masters national and world championships in 2012, as well as fourth place in the 2014 national championship. He is the managing editor of Velo magazine, a board member of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, and loves to race and ride all types of bikes, while teaching others about the joy of riding and racing. He is recently married to an equally enthusiastic elite ‘cross racer and bike fan.

Johs Huseby

Johs. Huseby has participated in cyclocross since the youthful age of 15. He was a top competitor from New England for many years and represented the US at the Cyclocross World Championships as both a U23 and an Elite. Having taken a few years off from racing cross, Johs. has recently moved to Boulder to be with his fiancee, Meredith Miller – a stalwart on the women’s circuit. Johs. competes in the Master’s category now racing with long time friends Pete Webber and Brandon Dwight. Together with Pete and Greg, Johs. coaches Boulder Junior Cycling as a Lead Coach. In years past Johs. worked as a coach for Cycle-Smart based in the Northeast working with a variety of clients around the country. Johs. has been involved in the bicycle industry for many years, first as a product manager for Pedro’s and then for Cannondale as the Director of the mountain bike product line. Overall, Johs. wants to impart as much knowledge and as many skills on others as was given to him at an early age. Whether it is on skinny tires, mid-sized tires, or big fat mountain bike tires, Johs. can often be found somewhere out on his bike.

Brandon Dwight

Brandon graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 1995 and was a professional mountain bike racer from 1999 to 2002. He began racing cyclocross as a way to stay in shape during the off-season. It soon became his favorite type of bike racing. Brandon has been racing ‘cross since the mid-Nineties and he is a three-time  U.S. Cyclocross National Champion.  He has been teaching cyclocross skills since 2004. He is a husband, a daddy and co-founder of Boulder Cycle Sport.