5 Reasons to Try an E-bike

Couple riding e-bikes through neighborhood.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to commute, ride further, or cruise faster through the city; an e-bike can get you where you’re going quickly and efficiently. But more than that, e-bikes offer a sense of freedom and the flexibility to ride and experience even more.

Whatever your riding goals are, there’s a perfect pedal-assisted e-bike for you. Here are 5 reasons to try one today:

1. Amplified Pedal Power.

All of the e-bikes Boulder Cycle Sport sells are pedal-assist, meaning you must pedal in order for the electric boost to kick in. It’s easy to engage—simply start pedalling and feel an almost immediate boost from the motor. Most bikes come with the option to customize the power modes to support your needs and riding terrain, allowing you to choose how much assistance you’d like.

2. Experience More.

With the electric assistance you can go further and experience new areas that you might not want to ride to otherwise. Even if you already ride far, on an e-bike you can go faster, making longer trips easier and more fun. The possibilities are endless with a little extra boost.

Red BMC E-bike

3. It’s a Great Way to Limit Your Trips by Car.

High on the list of reasons why our customers want an e-bike is to replace their car for everyday trips. With an e-bike you can bypass busy parking lots and head straight for the bike racks. They can also save you from dealing with highway traffic, in addition to the health and environmental benefits. Plus, since you don’t work up a huge sweat, you don’t need to change clothes when you arrive at your destination.

4. There’s An E-bike for Everyone.

From commuting to mountainous ascents and fast road rides, there’s a e-bike for every type of rider. For proof, check out our staff’s favorite 2019 e-bikes.

5. You Feel Like a Kid Again.

Regardless of experience level, one of the most common things we hear customers say after riding an e-bike for the first time is that they feel like a kid again. It’s impossible not to smile while riding one.

Still need convincing? Come in for a test-ride or set up a full day demo online on a Giant, Liv, BMC, or Scott e-bike and see for yourself what all of the fun is about!